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    Hi everyone and welcome to my blog,

    The world of blogging has increased massively as many people found a way to share common interests through the World Wide Web, some use it as a recreational habit, some use it as a business, regardless of the way you blog, there is always a space for you and people with common interests will love sharing your journey.

    I am Yohann, born in France 45 years ago… I know, getting on a bit… but you are never too old to start something new and I honestly don’t feel my age! and here I am, starting a blog about Home & Lifestyle.

    Growing up in the South West of France and as an only child, I could say I had a pleasant upbringing. My parents both worked very hard to make sure we always had food on our plates and a roof above our heads, although the lack of food would have been a little difficult, knowing that my father was a butcher and my mum worked as a bakery assistant… and no I am not a candlestick maker! (Get the joke?) 🙂

    School was not my forte, and with mild bullying due to my sexual orientation was not always easy, but somehow I got stronger and stronger and rose above the bullies thinking my life was more important than anything else and that one day, everything would get better, all I wanted was to grow up and being able to have a good life. I managed to get as far as I could get in term of studies and got a BTS (Brevet de Technicien Superieur) in Business and Economics until I had enough and leave home for England to be an Au-Pair!

    My Au-Pair experience was amazing, and to this day, I am still in touch with the family who welcomed me in their home to look after their little 4 year old boy… who is now a grown-up man, living in Australia (hope all is good Sam!)

    After my ‘gap year’ being an Au-Pair, I was called by the French Army to join the navy! National Service was still compulsory and I could not get away with it, so I went back to France where I started as a little sailor on board of a vessel called ‘Sagittaire’ (Sagittarius) and off we went from day one to Denmark… the North sea is not the best for a new sailor and the sea sickness forced me to abandon ship to finish my National Service on the ground at a base in Brittany called Landivisiau.

    I have since been living in London for most of my adult life and always had a dream of owning my own home, but most Londoners would agree that life isn’t cheap in the capital, so after saving and getting a great help from my long-time partner, I became a home owner 7 years ago! and my god do I love it! Well, apart from the mortgage!!! but I do love my home and made it as cosy as I possibly could.

    With the recent craze of Mrs Hinch and Lynsey Queen of Clean (Whom I both follow on Instagram and adore), I thought, why not me? I don’t intend to become as popular as Sophie or Lynsey, but why not sharing my thoughts, ideas and interests of things I love?

    So here I am, writing my intro to you guys, hoping you will love reading my blog and do feel free to contact me with questions or if you want to share something of your own, because this blog is not just about me, it is also about you and if I can make a difference by helping others, that will be my greatest reward!

    You can also follow me on Instagram @frenchy_home_and_lifestyle / #frenchyhomeuk

    Happy reading and keep shining! 🙂

    Y x